Thursday, March 31, 2011

   Thankyou all for the well wishes for my mom,  and for the positive comments on my work.  I'm pleased to report my mom is doing so much better.  I'm feeling a lift on my mood-and think I'll try painting today.  I knew it had to be tied to my mother's health.  
  It's going to be a HOT one her in Long Beach today-even hotter inland.  Enjoy the sun, and stay cool my friends!  Spring is here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

  The past weekend my step dad and I spent four days at Kaiser hospital in Torrance as my mom was rushed Thursday night by ambulance.  My mom, my best friend, my mentor in so many ways I can't even type them all down was incredibly sick.  Thankyou for all the prayers and support and I'm happy to say she's back home and healing.  The past day or so I've been dealing with the let down from this and the emotions have been flooding out of me. I need to paint-it's one of the only ways I can deal with myself and prayer with every brush, scrub, or claw (yes sometimes I use my nails-eeeek...think I heard some ladies cry out in fear for their manicures. Nothin but love:) through the paint.  Nonetheless,  I'm feeling....stuck. I'm praying that this block in inspiration will pass.

"New Jerusalem"

                                         Not the best picture of these, but I didn't get a chance to properly
                                         photograph them before they went to the buyers home.
                                         title: "New Jerusalem"
                                         2 outer panels: 48 x 32
                                         center panel: 48 x 36
                                         inch and half, gallery wrapped canvas, gold, black, earth tones, high texture

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

                                        48"x 48" gallery wrapped canvas-textured

Wednesday....or is it Tuesday?

   This week has been a blur!  Does anyone else feel that way?  It's probably just my cold coming on.  The sky in good 'ole Long Beach has been beautifully inspiring this week.  Just breathtaking with the clouds and oh-guess, not beige-SKY! I'm thankful for the health of my girls and family.  We continue to pray as a family for the people affected in Japan.  I finished a Japanese inspired painting which I'll load as soon as I can charge my blasted camera.

                                           36"x 48" textured painting

24" 48" red/black abstract. Sorry about the glare