Thursday, May 19, 2011

The new one I'm working on

 A couple of weeks ago I had a dream (anyone who knows me, knows that I have vivid and interesting dreams).  In the dream I was with my two siblings in a beautiful cruise ship with these huge vaulted ceilings. It was just the three of us. As we marveled at the beauty the ship started to sink-water rushing in everywhere. I tried to break the other two (not completely sure it was my brother and sister) away from their marveling, but they just wouldn't snap out of it.  At this point the huge beautiful ship was completely under water, although the water was just coming in slowly.  I tried to get them to come with me to swim out, but they wouldn't.  They wanted to stay where they were.  I then made a snap decision,  I wanted to LIVE-to survive. I gulped in as much air as I could, pushed through a window with out to the dark ocean. We were down deep.  It was night as I looked through the deep water up to the surface. I  could see the moonlight peering through.  I dredged upward, fighting to live, fighting the ache for more air, fighting the grief that I had to leave the other two behind.  I was going to survive this dark water. I broke through the surface, and could see the shoreline (which surprised me that it was so close). I peered down below into the dark water, the lights of the failing ship below me sinking further.  I started to swim for shore.
    This painting is a depiction of my struggle to overcome my childhood pain.  My decision to let the Lord heal me and spring forward towards light-a positive future; to become the person He has intended for me.  To not only survive, but to thrive (that's so that Kaiser commercial LOL).
    This painting is not done yet.  I won't add to much more. I just wanted the story about this one out there as it's so important to feel it when looking at it. To feel me swimming through deep dark water towards the light.
Thanks for reading, Kellie


  1. It is kinda cool for me to see where your thoughts are in creating a piece. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it. Beautiful idea and beautiful art from it.


  3. So beautiful and a beautiful story. You took my breath away. Just came across your art and I love your work Kellie...absolutely amazing!