Monday, February 13, 2012

Some of my favorites

                                             The Resistance, 48x36, acrylic
                                          The Unknown, 24x24, acrylic
                                                   The Watchers, 12x24, acrylic
                                                    unfinished, charcoal
                                          Out of the Dark Water, 40x30, acrylic
                                           Treading Water, 62x48, acrylic
                                                        Ascension, 48x36, acrylic

                                                    unfinished, 48x48, close up of Jesus
                                                    Untitled, 40x30, acrylic

                                            A Tree in Kyoto, 36x36, acrylic
                                          close up of the telephone polls/wires in The Watchers

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