Wednesday, September 7, 2011

 30 x48 Untitled as of the moment, but this one is meant to be as if you were peering out toward the edge of the deep center of a thick forest. I grew up romping around the woods with my brother and have so many memories of deep thick brush and I wanted to convey it's magic. This  has stucco medium in part of the paint to create an immense amount of texture and a earthy feel.
this canvas I JUST started, but thought I would post the beginning anyhow. It's a big one 60 x 48 (almost as tall...or short as me). I'm using a different color scheme/pallet than what I usually do. Oranges, deep transluscent browns, greens, canary yellow, black, and white.

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  1. Your artwork is incredible. I hope I can be half as good some day